Why Anti-Fatigue Mats Are Bargains

It is common for retail stores to provide workers with cushioned mats that make it easier to stand for hours. However, millions of shoppers also buy genuine anti-fatigue mats for home use. Business owners even provide them to employees who stand for part of their shifts. Mats are in demand because they are affordable, effective and provide a range of health benefits.

How Anti-Fatigue Mats Work

Although standing mats might seem like nothing more than comfort cushions, they are actually carefully designed to protect against fatigue. This is critical since the exhaustion caused by standing on hard surfaces can reduce blood flow to the legs and be very uncomfortable. It causes the heart to work harder to send blood to constricted areas, which saps energy. Standing on a cushioned surface solves the problem by allowing muscles to expand and contract while adjusting to the mat’s flexibility.

Mats Provide Health Benefits

Many workplace efficiency studies have shown that fatigue caused by standing results in problems like back, leg and neck pain. In fact, they cause around 24% of workplace absences each year. Health problems related to standing also affect at-home workers and homemakers. Busy mothers stand for hours in kitchens and the self-employed may stand at benches or workstations. All of these situations can result in headaches, loss of concentration and decreased productivity. Fortunately, well-made anti-fatigue mats prevent these symptoms. They also minimize foot discomfort, prevent slipping and insulate users from cold floors.

Buying a Quality Mat Is Easy

Anti-fatigue mats are also popular because suppliers offer a wide variety of quality products. For example, Amazon.com sells a kitchen and standing desk mat made from eco-friendly materials. Clients can choose from a range of colors. Mats include lifetime warranties and are stylish enough for any room. Online buying also allows customers to compare a range of mat sizes and types.

Standing desk and kitchen mats are popular because they are affordable and easy to buy online. Homeowners, business owners, and home workers are just some of the shoppers who use the mats to reduce fatigue caused by standing on hard surfaces. The mats can also help prevent neck, back and foot pain caused by standing.